Learn the Correct Pronunciation of English

How do you say the words through listening a2 english correctly? What about the words corpse, worst, worse horse, holes red, read and naive, or even corpse? You haven’t, I am sure. Please repeat that loudly.

You know how to pronounce these words at least, if not the correct and proper way.

The English language and pronunciation

The way someone pronounces a particular word is called pronunciation. It is the way a sound or word can be produced. A word in any language can be pronounced or articulated so many ways. It’s a known fact. The way words in English are said depends on many different factors. The area in which one was raised is a major factor. Asians speak English in a different way than British people. Africans and French sound different when they speak English. Australians can also be used as an example. You’ve heard Italians and Russians speaking English? The British and Americans who were pioneers in the English language have different accents.

Over 500 millions people in the world know how to speak and understand English. They all speak English in their own way. What is the correct way to speak or pronounce English words? What will make us know that the way we speak is correct and proper? How many ways can a single word be said? What if you speak multiple words or sentences at once?

It is important to pronounce English correctly. This is the most noticeable thing that people notice. It is a good thing if you speak English. It is better if you are able to converse well in English. What is the best way to pronounce English? You should be able to pronounce English properly and correctly.

Secrets and facts

How do you pronounce it correctly? Here are some facts and secrets you need to know.

1. English is “phonetic”. We do not always pronounce a word in the same manner as we write it.

2. English is a language that has a high stress level, while other languages have a low-stress rating.

3. The English accent is based on the pronunciation of certain stressed words, while gliding quickly over other words. The golden key for speaking and understanding English is word stress. Note: One word is stressed; it’s always a vowel.

4. The vowels are pronounced when you force air through your vocal cords. The shape of your lips determines the vowel sounds that come out.

5. The breath can be stopped completely or partly to produce consonant sounds. Voiceless consonants (with no vocal cord vibration) are often paired with voiced ones.

6. The same word can be pronounced differently but have a different spelling.

7. There are words that have different spellings but same pronunciation.

8. The differences in pronunciation can be divided into two categories: 1) accent, and 2) the individual phonemes of words within a lexicon.

9. Focus on the stressed words in each sentence. Do not focus on each word.


It is important to know how to properly pronounce English. It is best to pick one model of pronunciation (American or British), to consult dictionaries to learn the correct pronunciation, to listen to native English speakers and to practice.

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