Posted on May 12, 2014

  • This year, six million fewer children will die before their 5th birthday than just 25 years ago
  • U.S. foreign assistance has been critical to achieving these results
  • In just 12 years the annual deaths from diseases has declined dramatically:*
    • Pneumonia: 700,000 fewer children died
    • Diarrhea: 600,000 fewer children died
    • Measles: 400,000 fewer children died
    • Malaria: 300,000 fewer children died
    • AIDS: 100,000 fewer children died

*UNICEF estimates in May, 2014, comparing deaths in 2012 to 2000

  • Today, ten million people are walking, spared the crippling effects of polio thanks to the global polio eradication program led by the U.S. government, UNICEF, WHO, Rotary International, and the Gates Foundation.

*WHO Fact Sheet, (

  • With the support of the American people, U.S. foreign assistance programs have helped cut in half the annual number of deaths of children under five since 1990.
  • These efforts are the results of strong bipartisan leadership and cooperation between multiple Administrations and Congressional leaders.
  • The stunning results would not have happened without the historic collaboration between the world’s governments, multilateral institutions and local players.

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